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If one wishes to experience Infinite Formlessness?

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Bhikkhus, the concentration gained by Awareness by Breathing,
when developed & cultivated, is of great fruit & big advantage...
And how, Bhikkhus, is concentration by Awareness by Breathing
developed & cultivated so that it is of great fruit & advantage?
Bhikkhus, when one has gone to the forest, or to the root of a
tree, or to an empty hut, there one sits down cross-legged, having
straightened one's body and back, and set up awareness around
the nostrils, then, just plain aware of that itself, one breathes in,
& just, solely aware of only that breathing itself, one breathes out...
Breathing in long, one knows, notes and understands: I inhale long!
Breathing out long, one knows, notes & understands: I exhale long!
... ... ... (steps 2-15) ... ... ...
One trains thus: Contemplating relinquishment, I will breathe in!
One trains thus: Contemplating relinquishment, I will breathe out!
Therefore, Bhikkhus, if a friend wishes: May I, via the complete
transcendence of experience of form, with the passing away and
silencing of sensory reaction, without giving any attention to any
experience of any diversity, detail or any difference whatsoever,
just solely aware that this open space is indeed infinite & endless,
enter & dwell immersed in the sphere of this infinitude of space,
then this same concentration by Awareness by Breathing should
be cultivated often and devoted with much wholehearted attention!
Furthermore if such friend should wish: By the transcendence of
this infinitude of space, just singly aware that consciousness is
infinite, may I enter and dwell all immersed in that sphere of the
infinitude of consciousness; then Awareness by Breathing should
also here be trained often and devoted much sincere attention!
Even further; if one should wish: May I, by wholly transcending
this subtle sphere of the infinity of consciousness, only aware
that there is nothing, enter & dwell in empty void of nothingness,
then this very same exercise: Awareness by Breathing should be
trained regularly and dedicated much earnest consideration!
Even more; if one should wish: May I, by thoroughly transcending
this delicate sphere of void nothingness, enter and dwell in the
refined sphere of inert neither-perception-nor-non-perception,
then this very same exercise: Awareness by Breathing should be
trained regularly and dedicated much earnest consideration!
Finally; if one should wish: By leaving all behind, and transcending
even this placid sphere of neither-perception-nor-non-perception,
may I enter & dwell in the ultimate ceasing of perception & feeling
then this very same sublime meditation: Awareness by Breathing
should be repeated every day and thus given the primary priority!

Ānāpānasati breathing meditation guided and explained:
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Video on detailed explanation of Ānāpānasati breathing meditation:

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:316-7]
section 54: Ānāpānasamyutta. Thread 8: The simile of the Lamp!

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Mindfulness of Breathing. Meditation manual by Bhikkhu ñānamoli. BPS. 1998.

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  Reaching Formlessness by Breathing!

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