Is Money Happiness or Suffering?

All that ever arises is only Suffering (Dukkha)...        (Including all wealth!)
All that ever ceases is also only
Suffering (Dukkha)... (So only pain is gone!)

Pragmatically, conventionally and relatively, it seems money has become both
practical and necessary evil in most, but not all societies. Remember in the
beginning of this universal eon, we were all a shining society of radiant devas
feeding on joy, moving through space freely by will. Now we have all decayed
to mere ever more wanting - and thus always discontent! - zombie-consumers ...

The Dry Facts are:
When there is money, there is inevitably recurring bills, debts, and loans...
When there is recurring bills,
debts, and loans inevitably there is also worry!
When there is recurring, or even permanent worry, there is also frustration.
When there is frequent frustration, that is indeed mental Suffering...
Suffering is not Happiness...

A wise one said:
Those things we give emphasis to in our lives, can also become our own prison! 
One's first inclination -if I have money- is not to lose it! Therefore it makes
one become increasingly fearful of others, and put security systems around
one's home, and credit-card. So money may not after-all "buy" any good life,
because it is simply not true, that money -itself- can make humans ever happy!

Interestingly, it seems IMHO that Mr. Mara, Mr. Namuci, The End-maker,
The Tempter, The Evil One, have mind manipulated some otherwise good,
intelligent and faithful people to think, and even repeatedly postulate:
"Money is only happiness! Money is always satisfaction! Money is fun ecstasy!
No bad side-effects, or unexpected consequences, are there ever with money!"
Well.. then.., let there be Happiness.. But not Fever! Nor fire .. Nor Worry!
Whenever possible ...

As the Buddha once told Mara the Evil One:
If there was a mountain made
of solid gold,
even two of those would not be enough...
to satisfy even a single person!
Know this, and live accordingly...
Samyutta Nikaya 1.156

On how to prevent Restlessness and Regret (=curable anxiety):

Is Money Happiness?

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Updated: 25 April 2017