The Event of Awakening:

At that time a girl named Sujata Senani lived in Uruvela. When adult,
she prayed before a certain Banyan tree, that she might get a husband
equal to herself in caste, and that her first-born may be a son. Her prayer
was successful, since so indeed did it happen. At the full moon day of the
Vesak month, she rose at early dawn & milked the cows. As soon as new
buckets were placed under the cows, their milk poured forth in streams
spontaneously all by itself. Seeing this miracle, she knew something special
was going on. 

Sujātā offering the Bodhisatta her milk rice.

Now at that very night the Future Buddha had 5 specific dreams that
made him conclude: Certainly, without doubt, today is the very day,
I will reach Enlightenment! His 5 colored radiance illuminated the  whole tree.
Then Sujata came & offered the cooked milk rice in the hands  of the Great Being.
After that a grass-cutter came going with a bundle of grass just harvested from
nearby. He offered the Great Being 8 handfuls of Kusa grass, when he saw that
this Sage was a Holy Man. The Future Buddha accepted the grass and proceeded
to the foot of the great Bodhi-Tree.  Reaching the imperturbable Eastern side,
where all Buddhas take their seat, he sat down determined and said to himself:
This is indeed the immovable  spot, where all the Buddhas have planted themselves!
This is the very place for destroying the treacherous and invisible net of desire! 
Then the Future Buddha turned his back to the trunk, and faced East.
Right there he then made this mighty decision:

Let just blood and flesh dry up and let skin & sinews fall from this frame of bones.
I will not leave this seat before having attained the absolute supreme Enlightenment!

So determined did he seat himself in this unconquerable seat, which not even
a 100 strikes of lightning could make him waver from.
At this very moment the rebel deity Mara -the Evil One- raised exclaiming:
Prince Siddhattha will now pass beyond my power, but I will never allow it!
Sounding the Mara's war shout, he prepared his army and went out for battle. 
Then Mara said to his militia: This Sakyamuni, son of Suddhodana, is far greater,
than any other man, so we will never succeed to fight him up front. We will therefore
attack him from behind. Frustrated, being unable even to touch this Wielder of Power
even with 9 mighty hurricanes of wind, rain, rocks, weapons, red coals, hot ashes, sand,
mud, and darkness Mara now in full panic commanded his army: Why do you stand still?
Seize, kill and drive away this prince. And Mara yelled: Siddhattha, leave this seat!
It is not yours but mine! Hearing this the Well-gone One replied:
Mara, neither have you ever fulfilled the 10 perfections to the third degree,
nor have you given the 5 great donations. Neither has you striven for insight,
nor for the welfare of the world, nor for enlightenment! Therefore does this
seat not belong to you, but indeed only, and forever to me!
Suddenly overpowered by fear Mara's followers fled helter-skelter in all directions.
Not two went the same way, but leaving their weapons in a chaos all behind, they fled
terrified by panic. Seeing them flee, the great assembly of deities triumphantly shouted:
Mara is defeated. Prince Siddhattha has Won! Let us celebrate the Victory!
The deities then sang:

The Victory has this illustrious
Buddha Won.
The Evil One, The End-maker is defeated and done.
Thus they jubilantly circled the wisdom throne,
the band of nagas singing their praises of the Seer,
the flocks of birds singing their praises of the Sage,
the assembly of Deities singing their praises of the Conqueror,
the group of Brahmas singing their praises of the Worthy One.

It was before the sun had set that the Tathagata thus conquered Mara and
defeated his army. Then at the same night, after having bathed, while the
Bodhi-Tree rained red sprigs on his robe, the Consummate One acquired
knowledge of previous existences in the first watch of the night:
With the mind thus concentrated, purified, bright, fixed, unified, focused,
tractable, compliant, steady and imperturbable, I directed it to remembrance
of my past lives. I recollected numerous past lives, i.e., one birth, two...five,
ten...fifty, a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand, many eons of cosmic
contraction, many eons of cosmic expansion:
There I had such a name, belonged to such a clan and species, had such a body.
Such was my food, my experience of pleasure and pain, such the end of my life.
Passing away from that state, I re-arose there. There I had such name, belonged
to such a sort and family, had such a form. Such was my food, such my experience
of pleasure & pain, such was my death. Passing away from that state, I re-arose here.
Thus I remembered my various past lives in all their various modes and details.
This was the first knowledge I attained in the first watch of the night.
Ignorance was destroyed; knowledge arose; darkness was destroyed;
light arose as happens in one, who is alert, aware, and determined.
But the pleasant feeling that arose in this way did not invade my mind nor remain.
With the mind thus still concentrated, purified, bright, intact, pliant, malleable,
steady, and imperturbable, I directed it to the knowledge of the passing away
and reappearance of beings. I saw by means of the divine eye, purified & surpassing
the human eye I saw beings passing away and re-appearing, and I realized how & why
they are high & low, beautiful & ugly, fortunate & unfortunate all in accordance with
the kammic intentions of their prior actions:  'These beings who were endowed with
bad behavior of body, speech, & mind, who reviled the Noble Ones, held wrong views
and acted under the influence of wrong views, with the break-up of the body,
after death, have re-appeared in the planes of Suffering, the bad destinations,
the lower realms, even in the hells...!
But these beings, who were gifted with good behavior of body, speech and mind,
who did not revile the Noble Ones, who held right views and acted under the influence
of right views, with the break-up of the body, after death, have re-appeared in happy
destinations, even in the divine dimensions' Thus -- by means of the divine eye, purified
and surpassing the human -- I saw beings passing away & re-appearing, all in accordance
with their particular mixture of good and bad kamma. But the satisfaction that arose in
this way did not invade my mind, nor did it remain. With the mind thus concentrated, thus
fully absorbed, I directed it to understanding the stilling of the mental fermentations.
Then I realized how it actually comes to be, that: 

Such is Suffering...
Such is the Cause of Suffering...
Such is the End of Suffering...
Such is the Way to End Suffering...

Such is the mental fermentations...
Such is the cause of mental fermentation...
Such is the end of mental
Such is the way leading to the end of mental

When my mind saw that, realized that, it was freed of the hidden fermentation of
sense-desire, released from the shrouded fermentation of becoming, unobstructed
by the veiled fermentation of ignorance.  Now completely and Perfectly Enlightened
The Buddha perceiving this immense glory, spoke these 2 solemn  verses, which never
have been omitted by any of countless thousands of prior Buddhas:

Through this round of countless existences have I searched
yet failed to find 'the Creator', who framed this formation:
What Suffering! is such Endless Birth, Ageing, Decay and Death..

Now I see that 'the Constructor' of this structure is Craving!
Never shall this construction be build again, as all the rafters
are shattered, and the main beam is busted and all broken...
At the stilling of all Craving, this mind is finally silenced...

Then, friends, this vision of certainty then arose in me: This release
is irreversible, this is the last rebirth, this endless reappearance has
finally ended...

Here do all the Buddhas Awaken: Bodhgaya!

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