What is this Noble Eightfold Way?

These eight things, friends, when developed and cultivated lead to Nibbāna,
have Nibbāna as their ultimate destination, have Nibbāna as their final goal!
What eight?

1: Right View 
2: Right Motivation
3: Right Speech
4: Right Action
5: Right Livelihood
6: Right Effort
7: Right Awareness
8: Right Concentration

Friends, true knowledge is initiating all advantageous states, with a sense of
shame and fear of wrongdoing coming right after!  For any clever person, who
has arrived at such true knowledge, right view emerges. For one of right view,
right motivation improves. For one of right motivation, right speech evolves.
For one of right speech, right action springs up. For one of right action, right
livelihood comes into being. For one of right livelihood, right effort arises.
For one of right effort, right awareness emerges. For one of right awareness,
right concentration develops.
Friends, this
dawn is the sign and precursor for the arising of the sun. So too,
friends, for a person, there is a sign and precursor for the arising of this fine
Noble 8-fold Way. This sign
and precursor is Good and Noble Friendship!
When a person has a Good Noble Friend, it is to be expected that he will develop
and cultivate this Noble 8-fold Way... And how does a person, who has a good
friend develop and cultivate this Noble 8-fold Way? Here, friends, a person
develops right view, right motivation, right speech, right action, right livelihood,
right effort, right awareness, and right concentration, which has as its final goal
the complete elimination of all greed, the full eradication of all hate, and the final
luminous erasure of all ignorance...

Further study on this Noble 8-fold Way:

Source: The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha on the Way. SN V (56)

What is the Noble 8-fold Way?

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Updated: 29 June 2017