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Introduction to Buddhism, Business and Mindfulness:
Txt  by Erik Kragh Blume Dahl  Implement Management Consulting Group Denmark

Living in the present is something we very rarely do nowadays.
With fully booked calendars, deadlines everywhere, and reminders of personal goals,
our focus is on the road ahead, not here and now. This escape from the present is
arguably a requirement of modern society, but could it be different?
Could Buddhist principles inspire the corporate people to slow down?

Are Buddhism and corporate society worlds apart? Or can they be bridged?
On 3rd April 2017, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Buddhist monk, Bhikkhu Samahita,
to our evening event. Before his Buddhist life, Bhikkhu was a well-respected Danish doctor
working at the Technical University of Denmark. However, in 2001, he decided to leave his
Danish life behind and instead move to the forests of Sri Lanka to become a hermit monk
living in the jungle.

During this evening, Bhikkhu will talk about the basic principles of Buddhism, meditation and
mindfulness, and he will share his thoughts on how business and Buddhism might complement
each other. So if you want to broaden your perspective on living in the present, mindfulness
and happiness, join us here:







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