What is this tenacious mental Clinging?

A certain not very well know monk once asked Venerable Sāriputta:
"Clinging, Clinging !" is the saying, friend Sāriputta, please tell me, What is Clinging ?'

There are these four kinds of clinging, friend:
1: Clinging to Sense-Pleasure,
2: Clinging to Views and Opinions,
3: Clinging to Rule, Ritual and cultural Habits,
4: Clinging to the concept of "a Self" claiming 'I Am'.

These, friend, is the 4 Clingings.

But, friend, is there any way to break, these 4 Clingings?
There is indeed such a Noble 8-fold Way ...


1: Clinging to Sense-Pleasure:
Is re-occurring thousands of times daily, whenever wanting to see, hear, smell, taste
touch, think, or be in a particular mental state or mood such as: Happy, content, etc..  

2: Clinging to Views and Opinion:

Note that every time one say: 'I have this View ...' or 'I am of this Opinion ...' or
'I Judge it to be like this ...' or  'I Think it is like this and not like that ...' or
'I am of the firm Persuasion, that this only ...' or 'My Impression is that ...'
'I have this Idea that it is like this and that' etc. etc.
It is rooted in Non-Knowledge; in obvious Uncertainty; It is caused by not seeing the
aspect directly, not having seen it, having no direct personal experience with it,
Not having 'touched' it with own mind, remaining unsure, unascertained,  still in doubt,
slightly confused about ... Right there and then one is left with clinging to the last straw
of any habitual or conventional view and opinion...

Contrary to: If you have direct knowledge about something, you say right away:
'I know it to be exactly like that, and not in any regard otherwise'
ex: Any dog-owner if asked this question: 'Do you know what a dog is like, how it looks ?'
He say without any doubt nor hesitation: 'Yes I do know the dog' ... And why is that ?
It is because he have seen, heard, touched, smelled, etc. the phenomena 'Dog' many times
in all variations.  He have by that got "direct experience" of the phenomena 'Dog' ...
All other than such 'direct experience' is: Mental Construction, Projecting an plausible
'nice idea' into & over a reality, which always is slightly untrue, and not really as it really is.

3: Clinging to Rules, Rituals and Habits:
We accumulate numerous 'Habitual unskillful latent tendencies', which arise because we do
a certain thing many times. Then - when unaware - we increase the chance to repeat it.
The mind do it by itself 'on autopilot'. Even though it now -in this present context- actually
is quite foolish. "Inappropriate Attention" it is called:

Examples: Unaware we drive our car to the daily work-location, automatically, even when our
planned destination was something quite elsewhere.

4: Clinging to idea of 'Self'
There is no fixed unchanging 'self'. 'I am my Ego', is an mere assumption not an observation.
We are not the 'same' from one moment to the next moment. Neither physically, nor mentally
are we ever 'the same'. When we are 7 years old compared to when 87 years old all is changed,
yet still we bear the same name ... And thinks 'I am the same person, just older...' Yet there is no
stable definable entity at all, with fixed constant borders, that we can designate as a stable 'me'.
We are a dynamic process like a river: Bathing in Ganges river in the morning we touch some flowing
water. Bathing again in same river - same name - in evening, yet now we touch some other water.
The river can only be defined as this 'flowing water' which is never the same. When the river runs
out in the sea it loses its name 'Ganges'. Then the river water, now mixed indiscernible with all other
water, is just called ocean ... Exactly and similarly so: When the river of 'Ego assumption' dries out
then there is no 'you', nor 'me', 'we' or any identifiable entity, or identity at all... This ends Suffering! 

Venerable Sāriputta

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Saved: 22 December 2016