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The 3 Characteristics

   The 3 Signs


The PāỊi Canon TiPiţaka:

The 3 Baskets of Threads: Sutta Piţaka:

 The Exhaustive Speeches Dīgha Nikāya.
 The Moderate Speeches Majjhima Nikāya.
 The Grouped Sayings Saṃyutta Nikāya.
 The Numerical Sayings Ańguttara Nikāya.
 The Minor Stories Khuddaka Nikāya.


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Buddhist Images and Sacred Places.

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Inspirational Vignettes of Essence.

 Meditation Manual

The Buddha on Mental Training!

 Buddhist Dictionary

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 DPPN Who-&-What ?

Dictionary of Pāli Proper Names.


Names, Subjects, Suttas & Words.

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