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  • Gandhakuti

The name given to the special apartment occupied by the Buddha at the Jetavana monastery (J.i.92). The building, of which the Gandhakuti formed a part, was evidently called the Gandhakuti-parivena, and there the Buddha would assemble the monks and address them (E.g., J. i.501; iii.67). The site, on which stands the bed of the Buddha in the Gandhakuti, is the same for every Buddha, and is one of the unalterable sites avijahitatthānāni (BuA.247).

Ruined shrine at the Gandhakuti site.

The name Gandhakuti seems to have been used later in reference also to other residences of the Buddha. Thus, we are told (AA.i.226; see C.S.B., Pl.5B) that Visākhā built a Gandhakuti for the Buddha in the Pubbārāma with the money she obtained by the sale of her Mahālatāpasādhana. For further details see Buddha.

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