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  • Kondañña

1. Kondañña. The second of the twenty-four Buddhas.

  • After sixteen asankheyya and one hundred thousand kappas of pāramī,

  • he was born in Rammavatī,

  • his father being King Sunanda and his mother Sujātā.

  • He belonged to the Kondaññagotta and

  • his body was twenty-eight cubits in height.

  • For ten thousand years he lived as a layman in three palaces - Ruci, Suruci and Subha (Rāma, Surāmā and Subha, according to BuA);

  • his chief wife was Rucidevī and his son Vījitasena.

  • He left home in a chariot,

  • practised austerities for ten months and

  • was given a meal of milk-rice by Yasodharā,

  • daughter of a merchant in Sunanda, and

  • grass for his seat by the Ājīvaka Sunanda.

  • His bodhi was a Sālakalyāni tree, and

  • his first sermon was preached to ten crores of monks in the Devavana near Amaravatī.

  • He held three assemblies of his disciples, the first led by Subhadda, the second by Vijitasena and the third by Udena, all of whom had become arahants.

  • He died at the age of one hundred thousand at Candārāmā, and

  • the thūpa erected over his relics was seven leagues in height.

  • His chief disciples were Bhadda and Subhadda among monks,

  • and Tissā and Upatissā among nuns,

  • his constant attendant being Anuruddha.

  • His chief patrons were Sona and Upasona among laymen and Nandā and Sirimā among laywomen.

The Bodhisatta was a king, Vijitāvī of Candavatī. He left his kingdom, joined the Order and was later reborn in the Brahma-world. Bu.iii.; BuA.107ff; J. i.30.

2. Kondañña. The name of a gotta.

It was evidently common to both brahmans and khattiyas, for we find the brahman Aññāta-Kondañña belonging to it, and elsewhere (E.g.,VibhA..464) it is mentioned as a khattiyagotta.

Among those mentioned as belonging to the Kondañña-gotta are:

In the Kacchapa Jātaka (J.ii.360f) it is said that tortoises are of the Kassapa-gotta and monkeys of the Kondañña-gotta, and that between these two classes there is intermarriage. 

3. Kondañña. The name of the apprentice in the Vārunī Jātaka.

4. Kondañña.See also Aññāta-Kondañña, Vimala-Kondañña and Khānu-Kondañña.

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