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  • Nirodha Sutta

1. Nirodha Sutta

Sāriputta tells Ananda that he has attained to a state of cessation of perception and feeling. S. iii.238.

2. Nirodha Sutta

Sāriputta tells the monks that one, who has achieved virtue, concentration and insight, may both enter the cessation of perception and feeling and also emerge there from. Udāyin (Lāludāyī), who is present, contradicts this three times, but none upbraids him. Sāriputta's words are repeated before the Buddha, and Udāyin acts similarly. The Buddha rebukes Ananda for not admonishing Udāyin. Later, the Buddha talks of the matter to Upavāna and tells him of five qualities which a monk should possess. A.iii.192ff.

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