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  • Nisabha

1. Nisabha

One of the two chief disciples of Anomadassī Buddha (Bu.viii.22; J. i.36; DhA.i.88).

Pañcasīlasamādāniya Thera took the precepts from him in the time of Anomadassī Buddha. Ap.i.76; also 74 (?).

2. Nisabba

One of the chief lay supporters of Atthadassi Buddha. Bu.xv.21.

3. Nisabha

Also called Mahānisabha, chief among the dhutahgadharas in the time of Padumuttara Buddha. It was his example that prompted Mahā Kassapa to strive for a similar honour. ThagA.ii.134f.; SA.ii.135f.; AA.i.85f.

4. Nisabha Thera

He was born in a Koliyan family, and, having seen the Buddha's wisdom and power in the fight between the Sākyans and the Koliyans, he entered the Order and became an arahant. Two verses uttered by him in admonition of a fellow worker are found in the Therāgathā (vs.195f.). In time of Vipassī Buddha he was a householder, and gave to the Buddha a kapittha fruit (Thag.i.318). He is probably identical with Kapitthaphaladāyaka of the Apadāna. Ap.ii.449; but see also ThagA.i.73.

5. Nisabha

A mountain in Himavā. J. vi.204, 212; Ap.i.67.

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