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  • sāsana

(lit. 'message'): the Dispensation of the Buddha, the Buddhist religion; teaching, doctrine.

Navanga-Buddha (or satthu)-sāsana, the nine-fold Dispensation of the Buddha (or the Master) consists of

  • suttas (sutta),
  • mixed prose (geyya),
  • exegesis (veyyākarana),
  • verses (gāthā),
  • solemn utterances (udāna),
  • sayings of the Blessed One (itivuttaka),
  • birth stories (jātaka),
  • extraordinary things (abbhutadhamma), and
  • analysis (vedalla).

This classification is often found in the suttas (e.g. M.22).

According to the commentaries, also the Vinaya and the Abhidhamma Pitaka are comprised in that nine-fold division (see Atthasālini Tr., I, 33).

It is a classification according to literary styles, and not according to given texts or books.

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