Dear Dhamma Friends:

Solar Panels for Water Pumping due to Drought Request:

Video explaining the Urgent Water problem is here:

The Cypress Hermitage here functions solely on Solar-Hydro-Power. However due to severe recurring droughts,
hydropower is failing, due to lack of water. A row of solar panels is thus crucially needed to pump the drinking
and fresh-water the 130 meters uphill to the Cypress Hermitage lying at 4000 feet elevation.  4 solar-panels,
charge-controller, lightning arrestors, control-boxes & cabling, US-LK-shipping, and custom tax is
=~ 5000 US$
Your fine, open-handed, and generous contribution to this valuable, and vital necessity is kindly requested. _/\_

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Bank-wire transfer, Western-union, Postal-money-order, or bank-draft-cheque is also possible.
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or send funds to PayPal account: [email protected]

 Many Thanx in Advance :-) _/\_
Sabbe Sattā Bhavantu Sukhi Tattā:

May Many Beings Become Thus Happy Thereby!

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Giving Fresh Water Smiles :-)

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