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The Most recent File Additions in 2007:
30 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: The 5 Hindrances Causes Ignorance! ! http://What-BuddhaSaid.net/drops/IV/What is Causing Ignorance.htm
27 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to attain true and real autonomy! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Breaking_the_Bonds.htm
24 December 2007 Notification: Fullmoon Unduwap Poya Observance Day! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/III/Unduwap_Poya_Day.htm
22 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: Unfailing Continuity of Awareness! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Aware_and_Settled.htm
19 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: Sublime & simple yet complex is Breathing! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Breathing_Calm_and_Insight.htm
16 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: The 4 Foundations of Awareness in detail! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Sati_in_Solitude.htm
14 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: How are the Magic Abilities Developed? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Mighty_Magic_Majesty.htm
12 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: How the maniac obsession with Sensing? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Hidden_Horror.htm
10 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to attain the 7 Wings to Awakening? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/7_Links_to_7_Wings.htm
8 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: Alert & careful or Careless Neglect? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Smiling_Mountain.htm
6 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: Great benefits of the right Training. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Great_No-Return.htm
2 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: Infinite and Divine spreader of tenderness! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Karuna_is_Pity.htm
1 December 2007 Dhamma Drop: Infinite and Divine evaporator of hate! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Infinite_and_Divine_Classic.htm
29 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Alert and Aware of Exactly What? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Aware_and_Composed.htm
28 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Overpowered and Obsessed with Flesch! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Monkey-Business.htm
26 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: No Self is among the clusters og Clinging! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Anti-EGO-Tool.htm
24 November 2007 Notification: Fullmoon Il Poya Observance Day! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/III/Il_Poya_Day.htm
21 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to uproot all EGO-ism? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Self-less_Anatta.htm
19 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Solitude is bliss and crucial for freedom! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Rhinoceros_Horn.htm
17 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Complete Detachment is Releasing! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Final_Fundamental_Freedom.htm
15 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Truly Universal Causality! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Caused_by_What.htm
5 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Signless and Sublime is Nibbana! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Signless_Nibbana.htm
4 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Worthy is the perfected Arahat! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Worthy_Arahat.htm
3 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Nibbâna is absolute Freedom, and Peace! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Nibbana_True_Peace.htm
2 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: No Craving is No Clinging is No Suffering! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Stilling_of_Clinging.htm
1 November 2007 Dhamma Drop: Ceasing of Craving ceases Suffering! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Ceasing_of_Suffering.htm
31 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Waves of being are not lasting & same! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Origin_of_Suffering.htm
30 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Intention is the kamma that results later! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Intention_is_Kamma.htm
29 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Craving is Catastrophic now & later! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Craving_is_Catastrophic.htm
28 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Can one have a changing Self! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Changing_Self.htm
28 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Craving is the Cause of Suffering! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Craving_is_Cause.htm
27 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to cure greed, lust and desire! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/How_to_cure_Greed.htm
26 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: No agent, actor or controller exists inside! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/No_Agent_is_Inside.htm
25 October 2007 Notification: Fullmoon Vap Poya Observance Day! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/III/Vap_Poya_Day.htm
24 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Oceans of tears & blood have been shed! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Samsaric_Dread.htm
23 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Impersonal are all states & phenomena! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Neither_Agent_nor_Actor.htm
23 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Samsara is an endless Time-Ocean of Pain! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Samsaric_Round.htm
22 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: The 3 messages that brings Divinity! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_3_Divine_Messages.htm
21 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Dangerous is Delight: A Serial Killer! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Devoured_by_Delight.htm
20 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Imploding Personality: All Empty of Self! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Just_Passing_Bubbles.htm
19 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: There is & was not any self anywhere! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Anatta_Doctrine.htm
18 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Consciousness is crucial for any being! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/What_is_Consciousness.htm
17 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Motion is a quality of form! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/What_is_Motion.htm
16 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Heat is property of materiality! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/What_is_Heat.htm
14 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Fluidity is neither substance nor matter! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/What_is_Fluidity.htm
13 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Solidity is neither matter nor substance! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/What_is_Solidity.htm
12 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Friendliness beams through all! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Blazing_Goodwill.htm
11 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Buddha on the 5 Destinations! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Five _Destinations.htm
10 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Which behaviour produce Divine Rebirth! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Divine_Rebirth.htm
9 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Which behaviour produce Human Rebirth! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Human_Being_Rebirth.htm
8 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Which behaviour produce Demon Rebirth! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Mad_Demon_Rebirth.htm
7 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Which behaviour produce Ghost Rebirth! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Hungry_Ghost_Rebirth.htm
6 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Which behaviour produce Animal Rebirth! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Animal_Rebirth.htm
5 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Even the minor Hells are Excruciating! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Minor_Hells.htm
4 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Extreme Torture is all of the Hells! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Hell_Destiny.htm
3 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Few are the fine beings going upwards!! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Few_are_Fine.htm
2 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Very common is low rebirth in pain! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_5_Destinations.htm
1 October 2007 Dhamma Drop: Very Rare is rebirth as Human being! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Rare_Rebirth.htm
30 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Delayed Mirror Echo Effects! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Happy.htm
29 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Trifling is a Noble's remaining pain!! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Trifling_Dust.htm
28 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Serene Imperturbable Equanimity! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Unshakable_Equanimity.htm
26 September 2007 Notification: Binara Poya Bhikkhuni Day! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/III/Binara_Poya_Day.htm
25 September 2007 Dhamma Image: Higher Education - Details Inside! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/Pics/higher_education_details_inside.jpg
24 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Mutual Joy is the cause of Contentment!! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Mutual_Joy.htm
23 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to make All-Embracing Pity ! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Endless_Pity.htm
22 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to make Universal Friendliness ! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Universal_Friendliness.htm
21 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: A Buddha arise not in all universes! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/By_Chance.htm
20 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Precious is this rare opportunity! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Blind_Turtle.htm
19 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Indispensable Necessity for Awakening! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Indispensable_Necessity.htm
18 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to produce & fall into more future! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Abyss.htm
17 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Right View illuminates the 4 Truths! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Sun.htm
16 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Most important is to see the Truths! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/300_Spears.htm
14 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Samsara is like Russian Roulette! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Stick.htm
12 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Tell your good friends the real Truths! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Pass_it_on.htm
11 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: How are they Perfectly Enlightened? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Perfectly_Enlightened.htm
10 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Four flashes fourth as one Function! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Four_but_One.htm
9 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: What is Actually So and Not Otherwise? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Actually_So.htm
8 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Simple yet also infinitely Complex! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Simple_yet_Complex.htm
7 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: What is True Wisdom? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/True_Wisdom.htm
6 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: When is one wrapped up in Ignorance? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Ignorance.htm
5 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: What is the Ultimate Fact of Being! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Ultimate_Fact.htm
3 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Sensing itself is source of Suffering! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Sour_Sense_Sources.htm
2 September 2007  Dhamma Drop: The Truth about Clustered Clinging! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Clustered_Truths.htm
1 September 2007 Dhamma Drop: Cured by focused noting of the Breathing! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_the_Breath.htm
30 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Even a serial killer can Awaken as Arahat! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/When_Evil_Turns_Good.htm
29 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: All breaks up, fades away & vanishes! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing Transience.htm
28 August 2007 Notification: Fullmoon Nikini Poya Day! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/III/Nikini_Poya_Day.htm
27 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Thinking Focused on what is Advantageous! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Focused_Truths.htm
26 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Disenchanted disillusion frees the mind! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Disappointment.htm
25 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: For what do the heroes go forth? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/ClansMan_Breakthrough.htm
24 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Ceasing means the stilling of Craving! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Ceasing.htm
23 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Concentration sees the Truths! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Concentrated_Truth.htm
22 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Greed is fading away by disillusion! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Fading_Away.htm
20 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to gain advancing realization? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Extensive_Fruit.htm
19 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to overcome the 3 Evil Roots? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Elimination.htm
18 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to enter the Stream Supreme? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/4_Steps_to_Stream-Entry.htm
17 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Experiencing Danger enables Urgency! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Danger.htm
16 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: From Faith to Focus to Insight! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Alert_Elevated_Joy.htm
15 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Experiencing Disgust disables Greed! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Disgust.htm
14 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Fine Faith Flows into Nibbana! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Raining_Faith.htm
13 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: What is egoless impersonality? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Egolessness.htm
12 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: What is a good Lay Disciple? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Lay_Disciple.htm
11 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to cling to what vanishes by itself! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Experiencing_Impermanence.htm
10 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Tracks for the purification of beings! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Divine_Tracks.htm
9 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Right Experience might cure instantly! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_10_Experiences.htm
8 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Clean Entrance of the Stream Supreme! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Internal_Bath.htm
7 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Higher Mental Releases! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_8_Deliverances.htm
6 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: May all Beings become thus Happy! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Blessing Beings_by_Bliss.htm
5 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: How does one become Really Rich? https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Really_Rich.htm
4 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Anti-Bulimia and Anti-Obesity.. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Oozing_Out.htm
3 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: When first saved by entry.. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Impossible_Alteration.htm
2 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Seeing Material Food rightly.. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Sons_Flesch.htm
1 August 2007 Dhamma Drop: Saving Friends and Colleagues. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Friends_and_Colleagues.htm
31 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Disgust with Food is advantageous! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Food_Disgust.htm
30 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Gone Beyond Fear for the Future... https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/No_Fear.htm
29 July 2007 Notification: Fullmoon Esala Poya Day! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/III/Esala_Poya_Day.htm
28 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Deliverance by Kindness... https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Higher_Release.htm
27 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Ten Mental Perfections... https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Ten_Perfections.htm
26 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Way which goes Upwards! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Going_Upwards.htm
25 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: The 4 Divine States cure 4 evil ills! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Safe_Medicine.htm
22 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Bliss is infinite friendliness! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Bon_Benevolence.htm
21 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Metta is Unsurpassable Radiance! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Unsurpassable_Radiance.htm
20 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Safe Future by Assured Destination! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Assured_Destination.htm
19 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Total Harmlessness: No Gossiping! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Not_Gossiping.htm
18 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Total Harmlessness: No Scolding! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Not_Scolding.htm
17 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Total Harmlessness: No Splitting! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Not_Splitting.htm
16 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Total Harmlessness: No Deceiving! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Not_Deceiving.htm
14 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Total Harmlessness: No Abusing! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Not_Abusing.htm
13 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Total Harmlessness: No Stealing! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Not_Stealing.htm
12 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Total Harmlessness: No Killing! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Not_Killing.htm
11 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Tools for stream-entry. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Stream-Entry_Tools.htm
10 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: 6 Keys of the Stream-Enterer! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_6_Keys.htm
9 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: How to allay and quell all Revenge! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/No_Revenge.htm
8 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Seeing Selflessness Frees. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Anatta_No_Self.htm
7 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Grounded in safe Destiny. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Stream_Entrance.htm
6 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: 5 Ways to quell Annoyance. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Subduing_Irritation.htm
5 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Knowing Final Release! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Fulfilling_Release_by_Wisdom.htm
4 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Danger of burning Hatred! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Hot_Hostile_Hate.htm
3 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: Four fulfilling Seven! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Four_Fulfilling_Seven.htm
2 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Effective Saw! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The-Effective_Saw.htm
1 July 2007 Dhamma Drop: One fulfilling Four! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/1_Producing_4.htm
30 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: All-Embracing Friendliness! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Good-Will_Again.htm
29 June 2007 Notification: Fullmoon Poson Poya Day! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/III/Poson_Poya_Day.htm
28 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: The 4 Infinite States! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/All-Embracing_Kindness.htm
26 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: The Stilled State of Bliss! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_Uncreated.htm
25 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Breathing Contemplation https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Peaceful & Sublime.htm
24 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Peace Contemplation https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Peace_Contemplation.htm
23 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Body Contemplation https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Body_Contemplation.htm
22 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Turning cold right there! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_LAMP_IV.htm
21 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Life is only Momentary! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Momentary_Life.htm
20 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Infinite Formlessness! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_LAMP_III.htm
19 June 2007 Update News: The most recent file added. https://What-Buddha-Said.net/various/Newest_File.htm
19 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: About the fact of Death! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Game_Over.htm
18 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Jhāna by Breathing! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_LAMP_II.htm
17 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Daily Buddhist Routine! https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/Death_Contemplation.htm
16 June 2007 Dhamma Drop: Awareness by Breathing https://What-Buddha-Said.net/drops/IV/The_LAMP_I.htm