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   4 August 2019

Dhamma on Air #137: Buddhist Intuition

Question 386:
A: One should assume that devout Buddhist countries would increase in population and wealth,
while fundamentalist countries would have decrease in population and wealth.
Yet we see the opposite. Why? Delay!  No Collective Kamma, Not religion but actual behaviour.

B: One can often sense from afar that someone is angry at one. How is that possible?

Question 387: How to deal with paranoia? Can paranoia be beneficial?

    19 June 2019

Dhamma on Air #131: The Noble Life

A Dhamma conversation with Bhante Dhammagawesi (Sri Lanka / UK) on going forth,
and living the Noble Life on the Noble 8-fold Path leading the Ultimate Goal: Nibbana!

    9 June 2019

Dhamma on Air #130: Emotional Karma

Question 386:
C1: Is behavior, personality, and emotions, partly heritable in DNA,  and partly karmically determined?
C2: Is one reborn into a family or species that carries behavioral traits that fit with one’s Kamma?
C3: Is Kamma creating the family, species, and location one is reborn

D.  Are one’s bodily feelings and mental emotions purely a physical phenomena of the body, or are they at least partly caused by one’s Kamma?

E.  What is the creator, cause or force behind the concept of Kammic "justice" that doing good brings good, doing bad brings bad? In other words, why?


    4 June 2019

Dhamma on Air #129: Rebirth Linking

Question 386:
A.  Is it the mind, or consciousness, or Kamma that transmigrates between re-births?

B.  How to define Mind, Consciousness, and their contrasting difference?

C.  Is a set of probabilities = the karmic accumulation transmigrating between rebirths?

    14 May 2019

Dhamma on Air #127: Without Self ..

Question 382:
What is the karmic effect of killing animals, for example: Driving over a cat and killing it.

Question 383:
A: Venerable sir, why did Holocaust happen in this Samsara?
B: Could mastery of the Dhamma be so that one who trained and cultivated it,
    still could radiate happiness and love in moments of mass despair and suffering?

Question 384:
A: Is it due to the 5 hindrances, that one accepts belief in an eternal soul without investigating?
B: What is the best way to handle such statements, when persons start talking about "their soul and god?"
C: How to eliminate the Mental Hindrances.

     5 May 2019

Dhamma on Air #126: Modern Buddhism

Question 380:  What is the early Buddhist take on money, wife, rebirth, and cheating?

Question 381: Is a Bhikku/Bhikkuni allowed to use books/smartphones in a temple/community?

Question 382: How to deal with intense boredom (disgust combined with mental suffocation)?

           20 April 2019

Dhamma on Air #125: Artificial intelligence

Question 377:
Why would one want to be reborn as a deva, or other “higher” being
if one wants to strive toward nibbana? What do devas do?

Question 378: How does one put the past, where it belongs?

Question 379:
What would the Buddha say about climate change, & artificial intelligence?
Climate not independent of sila - moral purity of those living in the climate.


         4 April 2019

Dhamma on Air #124: Contentment & Gratitude
Question 374:  What to do if ungrateful and discontent?

Question 375:
How do you address asking for relief or healing for yourself or others?
It is correct to send prayers of supplication to Buddhas, devas, arahants, wise ones?
I have fervently prayed in the past and feel it brought results, but am unsure.

Question 376:
1) How does one move beyond the literal pain one feels because of remorse for past mistakes in this life,
especially those actions/speech that have affected others and
2) How does one mitigate “bad” karma from this and previous lives so as not to continue to suffer (while striving for nibbana) and prevent being reborn lower than a human.


         7 March 2019 Dhamma on Air #123: The 24 Buddhas

Question 371:
A: What happens to people that die without faith in the Buddha?
Reincarnation into a countless number of lives, or countless hells?
B: Does faith in the Buddha guarantee rebirth into a celestial heaven?
Or will they reincarnate back into human to learn more about the path?

Question 372:
What are your thoughts on listening to music, does a bhikkhu find it beneficial?

Question 373:
A: Who were the 24 prior Buddhas?
B: What is the Tipitaka Txt collection?
C: What is the good news of the Buddha?

   10 February 2019

Dhamma on Air #122: Voidness ..

Question 369:
When I first meet someone, I am very light hearted in our conversations and in the way I treat them. But as we become closer, and the more we interact, I clamp down, and I become more serious and less lighthearted. Everything is more serious. There’s more at stake. And I become very careful and not fun at all.
How do I overcome this attachment issue? How can I keep it light?
How can I maintain a carefree heart where nothing is deadly serious?

Question 370:
What is the Buddhist opinion about doing exersise and sport?

   3 February 2019

Dhamma on Air #121: Ānāpānasati Breathing Meditation

The Complete Reference..

Workshop day extract on Ānāpānasati Breathing Meditation given 12 January 2019.

Thanx to John Cianciosi and The Theosophical Society in America: Theosophical.org

 27 January 2019

Dhamma on Air #120: The 2 Kinds of Desire

Meta Questions: What is Advantageous? What is Detrimental?

Question 365: @ 12:19
Why is passion considered a defilement although it is the only way via which beings are
born?  Also, Buddha also said that human birth is much more precious than birth in
higher realms since it has both pleasure and pain and that only produces a desire for
liberation and human beings can only be born if passion is there.  Could you please
shed some more light on this?

The Two kinds of Desire = passions

Question 366: @ 19:44
For ending of kamma via eight-fold noble path, is it right that one still has to experience
bright and dark results to reach that stage?

Question 367:  @ 21:37
How can people  who have done shoplifting in the past repair their Kamma accumulation?



 30 November 2018

Dhamma on Air #118: Disentangling

Question 362:   @ 12:53
1) Since Buddha and other divine beings like those living in brahmic realm are so
compassionate, why can they not relieve the suffering of people and liberate them
from defilements? Why does one has to put one's own efforts?

Question 363:  @ 38:07
What was the karmic cause for Buddha having Devadatta as his cousin brother, who was
evil and jealous of Buddha and even tried to kill Buddha and cause split in Sangha?

Question 364:  @ 45:30
A: Is the Theravada and the Tibetan Buddhist the same spirituality?
B: What about Amitabha Pure Land Buddhism?
C: When we die, do our souls transfer into gold; go into space, and where we come from?

 21 November 2018

Dhamma on Air #117: Free of Trace

Question 359:    @ 8:46
Is it skillful for a female to give, pray or offer help or merit
to become a man so as to attain Nibbana?

Question 360:   @ 14:37
Why even the enlightened persons like Buddha and his disciples like Maha Mogallana had to go through both pleasant and unpleasant situations even though all the good and bad karmas are exhausted for liberated people?

Question 361:    @ 28:18
1) Why are milk and unfertilized chicken egg to be avoided as consuming them does not involve the killing of animals?
2) Why Buddha had to face both pleasant and unpleasant situations after his enlightenment as liberated beings are beyond the fruits of karma?
3) What karmic causes decide the type of animal body one gets like cow, cat, raccoon, horse, dog, bird, scorpion etc.?  and even in one particular species, there are different types - like some dogs are more ferocious than others, etc.?
4) Does giving a restaurant dinner where the guest chose meat dishes to result in bad kamma?
5) Are there more than 200 precepts for monks to follow?
6) Is going for alms round with begging bowl to ask for food necessary for monks?

 11 November 2018

Dhamma on Air #116: Naughty Children..

Question 357:   @ 13:22
I could not see my grandmother during her last days,
though she had an unspoken wish to meet me.
What should I do in this situation?

Question 358:   @ 21:45
A: How to deal with children, who is extremely naughty?
B: How to raise children well from a Buddhist perspective

Question 358:   @ 35:29
Do humans ever die “untimely deaths” to move quickly through lives,
or because they are needed elsewhere?
If so, though, who/what would cause it to happen?

4 November 2018

Dhamma on Air #115: The Middle Way

Question 354:  @ 11:03
Is there a middle way between lay life and monkhood?

Question 355:  @ 21:07
How do we stop someone taking advantage of our niceness and kindness?

Question 356:  @ 26:30
Dhamma tells us to do good karma for liberation.  However, good karma also leads
us to pleasant or favorable situations and people and there is always danger of
getting attached to such attractive things. So, isn't it contradictory to attain
liberation via good karma?


28 October 2018

Dhamma on Air #114: Fearlessness

Question 351: @ 3:32
What is the importance of self respect in Dhamma if there is actually no self?

Question 352: @ 8:04
How to introduce children to Buddhism?

Question 353: @ 13:56
A: Please explain about the technique of meditation on death?
B: Is there any precautions when undertaking, and how often?


21 October 2018

Dhamma on Air #113: Right Motivation
Question 348:
A: What is the exact English translation of  "Samma Sankappa"?
B: What is always preceding the action? intention?
C: What are the factors determining the actions of individuals?

Question 349:
How can it be that the dhamma comes exactly when needed?

Question 350:
If a non Buddhist asked you why we meditate, how would you answer?

13 October 2018

Dhamma on Air #112: The Real Love
Question 345:
A: Do the Boddhisattas have to Awaken others before Awakening themselves?
B: Do the Boddhisattas know that they are Bodhisattas?

Question 346:
A: Is meditation from a Kind Heart, and not the Mind a better way to Enlightenment?

B. Is the good intention behind Loving Kindness the True Love?

Question 347:
A: Do we devote ourselves to our families, and friends when most needed?
B: Is this a way of Metta attainment, which is greater, than meditation in solitude?

  4 October 2018

Dhamma on Air #111: No Self Emptiness

Question 342:
How can there be no self experiencing the karma - good or bad? Is it not contradictory?
Also, if egolessness is real how do the hierarchy in social status ao. come about?

Question 343:
Is worshiping of Nāgā beings good, and what about offering them merit?

Question 344:
Why do we become attached to people who are kind, nice and generous to us?
How to come out of that attachment?

23 September 2018

Dhamma on Air #109: Aware of Causation

Question 336:
A: How did the Buddha communicate with beings in the other realms?
B: Could unenlightened beings see the beings in the other realms then?

Question 337:
With Dependent Origination with its various links at what point on the
chain of links should a meditator apply the four foundations of awareness
(mindfulness) to break through to Nibbana?

Question 338:
Do our associations and relationships come, fulfill a purpose, and go,
according to our kamma?

   8 September 2018

Dhamma on Air #108: Nibbāna is the Highest Happiness

Question 333: @ 2:34
What is the difference between Nibbana=Nirvana and being Enlightened?

Question 334: @ 54:22
What is the minimum type and time one should practise daily
meditation? 1 hour? 15 minutes? Walking? Sitting? Metta? Asubha?

Question 335: @ 58:38
What did the Buddha say about the Deva's ability to see and interact with human beings?


   1 September 2018

Dhamma on Air #107: Restless or Stressed?
Question 330:  @ 9:31
How does one deal with an excess of energy?

Question 331:  @ 25:12
In the Nikāya, the Buddha said that the Dhamma would last 1000 years
if Nuns were not ordained yet only 500 years if Nuns were to ordain.
Why does ordination of Buddhist Nuns (Bhikkhunis) half the life of the true Dhamma?

Question 332:  @ 34:01 
What can one who is observing eight precepts consume after 12pm?

       26 August 2018

Dhamma on Air #106: Mind-Brooming

Question 327: @ 7:45
My practice seems to have gotten a bit weaker: How can desire,
aversion, laziness, restlessness and doubts still affect the stability?

Question 328: @ 33:09
How does one overcome feelings of superiority/inferiority-complex?

Question 329:  @ 40:44
What to do with feelings of grudge, and revenge?


       19 August 2018

Dhamma on Air #105: Magical Powers

Question 325:
What is the real status of a person, when he, or she becomes Gandhabba?
Is it painful for sinners, and tranquil for the fortunate etc. until reborn?

Question 326:
What are the Superhuman Powers? How does one attain them?

       12 August 2018

Dhamma on Air #104: The 5 Clusters of Clinging
Question 324:
Are the 5 aggregates (The 5 clusters of Clinging=Khandas)
objects of insight meditation (vipassana)?

       4 August 2018

Dhamma on Air 103:  Divine Intervention
Question 318:
Why should we share Dhamma talks with people we find worthy of listening to. Why is it only them? Why not everyone?
Question 321:
The concept of anicca (impermanence) seems to apply at both the microscopic timescale, mind moments, quantum moments, Planck time, and the macroscopic scale (birth/death of stars) - is this correct?
Question 322:
A: Did the Buddha talk about in "divine intervention"? Can one ask for assistance?
B: Can we prevent the impact of evil karma, from ripening? If so, how do we do?
C: Is it possible to put a chronic disease into remission through our mind power, or counter-kamma?

            20 July 2018 Dhamma on Air #102: 
Question 304: 
A: Please explain how to review our past lives?.
 B: Can one come to see future rebirths?
 C: Does such reviewing require Jhana??

Question 308: Do Buddhist people offer to Hindu Gods like Vishnu and Ganesha ?
A. Offering fruits & money? 2. What are the results? 3. Is such Buddhism?

Question 317: Is reaching 1st Jhana once enough for Brahmaloka rebirth,
even if without Jhana, yet in Joy, at the Death Moment?

            17 July 2018 Dhamma on Air #101: 
On Impermanence (Anicca) Transience, Change 
            20 May 2018 Dhamma on Air #100: Special Edition
A: Update on 'my' Health: Mentally Ultra-Fine, Bodily sort of...
B: The Supra-Organic Vegetable Enabling Project: Yeah _/\_
C: Meditation Hall Construction Report: First 4 pillars up!
D: Possession versus Insanity: Differential Diagnostic Criteria?
E: A Truly Transcendent Event (Full story)


           22 April 2018 Nibbāna and Kamma - Dhamma on Air #97
Question 288: Is there any proof of Nibbana, and the Law of Kamma?
Question 289: How can one maintain a relationship with one's parents if they are abusive?
Question 290: If there's a pattern of giving to Bhikkhus that always results in very negative consequences for the giver, how does one maintain the desire and practicality to support the Sangha?


           15 April 2018 Do or Die - Dhamma on Air #98
Question 291: A: Why does a Buddha has to be male only, and not also female?
B: Does not that imply discrimination?
C: Are all Buddha's destined to take birth in India only? If yes, why so?
D: Have you reached any of the four stages of Enlightenment?
E: Is there any being born as human, who has not committed wrong, or evil acts in previous lives?

Question 292: Why does the mind become negative?
Question 293: What is the best way to overcome Sloth and Torpor?
           1 April 2018 Stilling Genesis - Dhamma on Air #96
Question 285: @ 4:55 In what order should we tackle the study of the Suttas?
Question 286: @ 20:33 What is conceptual thinking, and how can we erode it?
Question 287: @ 32:09 A: What is the evolution/genesis of human beings in Buddhism?
B: Why did the Buddha put the human plane of existence, as separated from the animal plane?



        25 March 2018 Dhamma on Air #95: The Blooming Mind ..
Question 282: @ 6:10
Humans are part of the animal kingdom, and the most destructive animal on earth. Why is that so?
Question 283: @ 22:28
Should we only use fallen flowers if we want to show respect in Pagoda or temples to
Buddha statues or relics, or if I am practising
Satipatthana it the good enough?
Question 284: @ 29:55
How to avoid personality belief (Sakkaya Ditthi), while paying respect in this way?
        18 March 2018 Dhamma on Air #94: Jesus & the Bag of Bones ...
Question 279: @ 7:23
Humans that became devas due to being skillful were they clever in the meaning
of building up good kamma, and/or living like good Buddhist keeping the 5 precepts?
Or were they handy, smart, or great in athletics?
Question 280: @ 12:38 Was Jesus Christ a Buddha, or a Bodhisatta?
Regarding the Origin of Christianity it seems tha Jesus was a late pupil of the Buddha
"The Unknown life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch - Full Audio Book
BBC Documentary "Jesus was Buddhist Monk"
Question 281: @ 21:49 Why venerate an object, which is bone?


   25 February 2018 Dhamma on Air #93: The 7 Wings..
Question 276: @ 22:36
1. Is working in a fast food Hamburger restaurant considered wrong livelihood?
2. Is the abandonment of all beliefs liberation? @ 26:44
3. Why did Gotama the Buddha keep the Eastern belief of rebirth which is a Hindu belief? @ 32:26
4. Why did he speak of other Hindu beliefs such as devas, gods, etc.?
5. Is Buddhism a cult?
Question 277: @ 42:02
A Stream-Enterer (sotapanna) doesn't believe (or cling) in rule or rituals,
but isn't going to the temple of the tooth relic and do offer also a ritual?
Question 278: @ 48:45
Even a SammasamBuddha has to endure these ageing, sickness and death?


   18 February 2018 Dhamma on Air #92: The Mind~Brain Problem
Lotus-Offering: @ 3:33
Question 273: @ 18:01
Buddhism talks about the mind, and the doctors about the brain.
Are these the same? Please relate to the unconscious situation?
Question 274: @ 47:46
A: How did you become interested in Dhamma and your history as a Bhikkhu.
B: Did you start in Sri Lanka, or did you begin in Denmark, or Europe?
C: How long have you been a Bhikkhu?
Question 275: @ 58:46
What is the best method to overcome knee, hip, or back-pain during meditation.
Should the meditator make a mental note or should the meditator mindfully move?



    11 February 2018 Dhamma on Air #91: The Divine Diet
Question 271: @ 16:27 A: What was the daily routine of the Lord Buddha?
B: Why did he need 6 years to awaken while other Buddhas need only 1 week?
C: What is the Kammic effect of help to build monastic buildings, such as your
meditation pavilion at the Cypress hermitage?
Question 272: @ 32:17 The human body is a living and ever changing organism.
Why do humans think there is a self or soul inside the body?
Craving for everlasting permanence? Ego-projection?
Blindness to impermanence? I-dentification?
Question 273: @ 43:43 A. Do Devas in kama-loka (levels 6 to 11 eat food and excrete excrement?
B. Are the bodies of the devas living in levels 6 to 11 superior to us humans?
C. What about the rupa-loka devas (fine material worlds) in level 12 to 26
Do they have a similar body to devas of kama-loka? Eat food/Excrement.



    4 February 2018 Dhamma on Air #90: Vegetarianism & the 32 Marks of a Great Man
The 2 Meditation Courses 2018: @ 1:52
Question 268: Is eating meat or eggs breaking the precepts? @ 4:32
Question 269: @ 24:12 Are the 4 Jhanas compatible with a moderate sexual life?
Or are they accessible only to people practicing celibacy?
Is decreased libido and the "capacity" for absorption connected?



          28 January 2018 Dhamma on Air #89: The Open Door ...
Meditation Hall progress: @ 20:36
Question 265: @ 21:32 Why do we need to experience the 3 kinds of feeling?
Question 266: @ 37:49 What are your thoughts on so called “secular Buddhism”?
Question 267: @ 1:06  We know that the effects of good kamma are also impermanent,
still why do we crave to do good kamma in order to get worldly happiness?

          14 January 2018 Dhamma on Air #88: Unconditional Love ..
Lotus-Offering: @ 8:56, Work-Reports: @ 18:42
Question 262: @ 26:34
Will Artificial Intelligence evolution result in some sort of phenomenon like mind and matter?
Question 263: @ 34:05 What is craving for non-becoming?
Question 264: @ 44:26
What passes on, at the death moment, from the dying person to the next rebirth?


        31 December 2017 Dhamma on Air #87: Clustered Clinging
Question 259 @ 5:55 Can Real Love exist within 4 Brahma Viharas ~ Infinite and Divine States?
If yes: Is there a way to loose that real love?
Question 260 @ 15:25 Please tell about your own path toward renunciation/ordination?
Question 261 @ 27:51
How do we develop disgust towards the five khandhas without also developing aversion?

        24 December 2017 Dhamma on Air #86: The Cypress Hermitage
Lotus Offering to Lord Buddha's Tooth, Cypress Hermitage Tour.
Question 256: @ 23:24
Besides giving donations regularly, what can lay people do to support the Bhikkhu-Sangha?
Question 257: 29:16
How come hypnotized children always reveal last rebirth as human, if human rebirth is so rare?
Question 258: 34:39
Is there an age limit on someone ordaining? If I were to go forth at 55, can I still ordain?
        17 December 2017 Dhamma on Air #85: Alone yet Free
Meditation-Hall report: @ 14:41
Question 253: @ 14:46 When failing, and later regretting risky choices, what to do?
Question 254: @ 19:27 Do we meet people based on kammic debt that we need to settle?
If yes, then is everything predestined?
Question 255: @ 30:29 A: How do a Budhist disciple cope with the loss of both deceased parents?
B: How can one overcome the feelings of suicide, when one becomes an orphan?
C: Are there any stories in Tipitaka about surviving the grief of becoming an orphan?


        10 December 2017 Dhamma on Air #84: Calm and Insight
Meditation Hall Construction Report: @ 12:17
Question 250: @ 17:33
When to do Vipassana Insight, and Samatha Calm during Anapana-sati breathing meditation?
Question 251: @ 34:27 What to do, if one thinks one is the future Buddha Metteyya?
Question 252: @ 43:54 Can a Bodhisatta renounce his determination to become a Buddha midways?



        26 November 2017 Dhamma on Air #83: Dreaming ..
Question 247: @ 16:33 Did the Buddha speak about the role and/or content of dreams?
Can dreams contain memories of past lives? Queen Mahamaya's White elephant Dream.
Question 248: @ 26:36 Is it right for a young family to suddenly choose to take the path of being
a monk & nun? What happens to their children when this happens?
Question 249: @ 28:19 How to deal with tension, anxiety, feeling uneasy?



        19 November 2017 Dhamma on Air #82: The 7 links to Enlightenment
Lotus Offering: @ 11:56 Meditation-Hall (Bhavana-Sala) Construction: @ 13:33
Question 244: @ 18:49
A: How does the Stream-Enterer (Sotapanna) know this attainment for sure?
B: When the 3 fetters (samyoyana) is eliminated? Teacher declares it?
Question 245: @ 42:41
What about a person who has grossly & numerously broken the precepts,
but then living virtuously and devoted to the Dhamma the rest of his life?
Question 246: @ 48:47 Does thinking and intending accumulate future kammic effects?
        12 November 2017 Dhamma on Air #81: Marijuana Addiction
Lotus-Offering to the Lord Buddhas tooth relic.
Meditation Hall Construction video report.
Question 241: @ 21:04 If a witness testify against a murderer then imprisoned lifelong
how does that affect the kammic future of the witness?
Question 242: @ 26:45 In daily practice should we share merit with the Devas, and how do you do it?
Question 243: @ 28:2 How to battle Marijuana Addiction?
          22 October 2017 Dhamma on Air #80: Reincarnation Revisited
Reincarnation Revisited: @ 9:28
The 6 year old Etihad Pilot boy Adam and the reincarnation WWII pilot case James Leininger
Meditation Hall Construction Report: @ 47:48
Question 238: @ 55:24 Is self-mummification a Buddhist Tradition?
Question 239: @ 1:01:17
Have we lost the ability to communicate with everybody/everything we are entangled to?
Question 240: @ 1:09:35 How to best avoid idle chatter among non-Buddhist friends?


          8 October 2017 Dhamma on Air #79: The Empty Boat
Simile of the Boat: @ 13:37
Source: Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikaya AN 4:196 Salha Sutta
Question 235: @ 25:49 Can the fear and terror associated with sickness and ageing be overcome?
Question 236: @ 35:10
Can an ordinary person get the ability of telepathy by meditating for a long periods?
Question 237: @ 38:02 Do we need to experience the results of kamma physically,
or can we diminish kammic effects through meditation?
        1 October 2017 Dhamma on Air #78: Emptiness
Buddhist Concept: Viveka = seclusion @ 15:13
Question 232: @ 29:40
A: How does one repair past bad deeds?  B: Is past kamma unavoidable or modifiable?
Question 233: @ 38:23 Pleasure when eating, or breathing fresh air is healthy.
So in this sense is it not good to seek what is pleasant?
Question 234: @ 41:10
If feeling extreme anxiety and fear about the body's health and ageing,
How must a disciple of Buddha face these unpleasant realities of life?
24 September 2017 Dhamma on Air #77: The Transmigrating Field
Simile of Rice-Field: @ 11:12 The Numerical Discourse of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikaya:
The Book of the Eights 8:34. The Field https://suttacentral.net/en/an8.34
Question 229: @ 19:11
If the Buddha is said to be "..gone, gone over, utterly gone never returning...
A: Where is the Buddha never returning from?  B: Where does
Parinibbana lead or take one?
Question 230: @ 25:49
A: If it is true that we all reincarnate until we escape the cyclic existence?
Question 231: @ 43:02 What is the meaning of life?
           17 September 2017 Dhamma on Air #76: Taming the Horse ...
Subscribing to this Channel is quite Advantageous.
Simile of the Horse-Taming: @ 16:58
The Middle-Length discourses of the Buddha #65
(Majjhima Nikāya 65): To Bhaddali
Question 226: @ 19:53
A: Is unintentionally killing small flies in the shower by taking a shower breaking the 1st precept?
B: Can donating to the Buddha Sasana save these flies by wishing  their safety for the merit gained?
Question 227: @ 24:41
Devas or Asuras be Wise, and  reach Enlightenment before they fall from their divine state?
Question 228: @ 27:11
A: Do policemen or soldiers at war break the 1st precept by killing?
B: Opera singers, pop stars and actors gives their ego and personal importance large significance.
How does this affect their spiritual abilities?


            10 September 2017 Dhamma on Air #75: The Surge of Urge
Simile of the Surge: @ 5:02
Question 223: Minor-Stream Entry @ 14:26
A: Is it impossible for a
cula-sotapanna to die without becoming sotapanna in the same life?
B: What constitutes
cula-sotapannaship, and how to attain it?
C: How do you know when you have reached the
cula-sotapanna stage?
Question 224: @ 23:44
Are the mental perfections (paramis) permanent, or are they also transient, as everything else?
Question 225: @ 29:06
What are Nagas, (dragons), and where is the Naga Loka in the 31 planes of existence located?
                  27 August 2017 Dhamma on Air #74: The Divine Dimension
Simile of the 5 Kinds of Seeds: @ 9:31
The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: Samyutta Nikaya SN 22:54
The Chapter on the Clusters of Clinging (Khandha-Samyutta): Seeds.
Question 220: @ 17:04 Are there stories about the devas, especially Sakka?
Question 221: @ 41:14 Why does one take the 3 refuges 3 times in a row?
Question 222: @ 42:23 A: Do we have free will?
B: Is there a way to tell if we were a stream enterer in past life?
C: Am I living one of my last 7 lives now?


                   20 August 2017 Dhamma on Air #73: Delight versus Danger
Mini-2-day-meditation-course: @ 11:52
Simile of Great Bonfire: @ 15:16 The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: Samyutta Nik
SN 12-52 The book of Causation
(Nibdāna Samyutta)
Question 217: @ 32:32 Why did the Jhanas not purify Devadatta's mind? Was his meditation in vain?
Question 218: @ 38:40 How to estimate a fair price in accordance with the Dhamma?
What is the kammic cause of being rich? What is the kammic cause of being poor?
Question 219: @ 43:00 How does one purify negative kamma created in the past?
                   13 August 2017 Dhamma on Air #72: Floating in Jhāna
Simile of The Great Floating Log in the Ganges River @ 9:28
Source: Connected Discources of the Buddha, Samyutta Nikaya 35: 241
Question 214: @ 23:30
Can householders also attain Jhanas if they live by the 5 precepts and meditate daily?
Or is it necessary to ordain as monk first?
Question 215: @ 26:19
Is taking refuge in triple gem, maintaining five moral precepts and daily meditation practice
sufficient for householders to attain Jhanas? Are there any other things householders should
do to improve their progress in meditation?
              30 July 2017 Dhamma on Air #71: The Noble 8-Fold Way
Meditation Hall Construction Video-Report @ 16:57
Lotus Offering to the Lord Buddha's Tooth @ 22:10
Simile of The Swimmer: @ 30:02
Question 211: @ 33:33 Did MahaMoggallana when Mara Dusi  suffer for 10,000 years in Hell?
2. Are there different kinds of Bodhisattas? (Literally: Awakening-being) @ 37:39
3. Do habits from past lives follow us in the present life? @ 40:52
Question 212: @ 44:18 How does one develop the path when has a job and live in the secular world?
Question 213: @ 48:27 Is the Jhanas with practice of Anapana-sati possible in today's world?
           23 July 2017 Dhamma on Air #70: Absorbed into Right Concentration
Simile of the Deers in the Swamp @ 21:13
Question 208: @ 28:23 How to deal with insomnia from a Buddhist perspective?
Question 209: @ 30:23 A: Is there no other planets with beings at the human level?
B: Do they have access to pure Buddha-Dhamma?
Question 210: @ 32:17 Will science ever be able to detect the 4 great elements in materiality (rupa)?


           15 July 2017 Dhamma on Air #69: The Fire of Right Awareness
Simile of the Dry Grassland Fire @ 14:38
Source text: The Connected Discourses of the Buddha
[Samyutta Nikaya] 14.12 The Sources Sutta.
Question 205: @ 25:10
How does a Buddhist deal with aversions, anger, and sadness?
Question 206: @ 35:18
Why does the Good only win in fiction, and the Evil always win in the real life?
Why the current trials of good people, while prosperity of the wicked?
Does morality not matter?
Question 207: @ 41:40
Is the "breath body" the physical body, or is it something else?
            9 July 2017 Dhamma on Air #68: Right Livelihood ..
Simile of The Painter and his Painting (SN12:64) @ 19:02
Question 202: @ 31:42 The Buddhist way of breaking up a relationship compassionately?
Question 203: @ 37:14
A: Why did the Buddha not stay in the human world for his full life-term?
B: Why did he need Ven. Ananda to plead him to stay?
Question 204: @ 43:20
A: Is it advantageous to buy alcohol, and then throw it away?
B: Can Hungry Ghosts [Petas] eat physical food?
C: Does thinking of another's partner break the 3rd precept? @ 45:55
D: Can Devas re-offer food dedicated to them to monks? @ 47:33
E: Is looking younger than one's age a sign of good kamma? @ 48:37
         2 July 2017 Dhamma on Air #67: Feeding Right Action
Simile of The 4 Nutriment Fuels [ahara]
the Samsaric process of Suffering burns on. @ 7:34
1: Material food
[kabalinkara], (Simile of the the Sons Flesh) @ 8:51
2: Contact
[phassa], (Simile of the Flayed Cow) @ 18:21
3: Intention
[cetana], (Simile of the Pit of Glowing Embers) @ 22:39
4: Consciousness
[viññana], (Simile of the 300 Sword Stabs) @ 25:49
Question 199: A: How to identify a monk, who have become an
Arahant?  @ 36:05
B: Do all awakened Arahants possess super-natural powers
Question 200: Can evil spirits inhabit our consciousness, and create havoc? @ 55:41
Question 201: What is the
Dhutanga practices, and should a lay do them? @ 1:00:19
    25 June 2017 Dhamma on Air #66: Right Speech
Simile of the Turtle and The Jackal (Guard of Senses & Mara) @ 6:22
Source txt: Samyutta Nikaya = Connected Discourses of the Buddha: 35:240
Question 196: Does bad karma ripen and fall out near, or before Nibbana? @ 13:05
Question 197: The Venerable Master Sheng Yen of the Pure Land Buddhism,
what is your opinion about this monk personally, and his teachings? @ 15:08
Question 198: What is the meaning and purpose of life? Why do we exist? @ 30:17


  18 June 2017 Dhamma on Air #65: The Ocean of Right Motivation
Simile on the Ocean of Samsara @ 6:48  Ref: Samyutta Nikaya SN 35:228.
Question 193: @ 23:56 A: While dying Anagarika Dharmapala said
"Let me be reborn again 25 times to share the Buddha-Dhamma"
Are such wishes advantageous and effective?
B: Are there Buddhas that arise on other planets, or is there some special aspect to earth?
Question 194: @ 25:58 A: Is Mahatma Ghandhi a Boddhisatta?
B: What is your opinion about this man, and the movie about his life?
Question 195: @ 30:51 A: Is Garden Buddha statues a good idea?
B: What is the difference between giving to a Buddha statue and personally to a Buddha?

  11 June 2017 Dhamma on Air #64: The Disciple of Right View
1000 Lotus Offering to the 4 prior Buddhas: Gotama, Kassapa, Konagamana & Kakusandha @ 5:52
Question 190: @ 10:16
A: Why do some easily renounce and ordain, while others are aversive to or afraid of monastic life?
B: What kind of training makes the Mental Perfection of Withdrawal stronger? @ 17:10
C: Can only monks develop Withdrawal seriously, or do householders also have any hope? @ 34:04
Question 191: @ 38:06
A: Do those who break the 10 or 227 precepts, incure more bad kamma than lays? @ 38:06
B: Observing the precepts do their good kamma then grow more than lays on 5 precepts? @ 38:54
C: Do those who do not believe in the precepts, or kammic law not accumulate Kamma? @ 39:27
Question 192: @ 41:21
Did the Buddha say that monks should not operate chariots/vehicles? Drive vans or ride bicycles?


          4 June 2017

Dhamma on Air #63: Meditation vs. Psychedelics
Question 188: A: Is sex an Addiction to sense pleasure? @ 3:24
B: Is Masturbation a compulsive behaviour?
C: Can orgasm be advantageous?
Question 189: Can psychedelics improve meditation, and/or spirituality? @ 18:19
Question 190: What is the Buddhist view on Organ Donation? @ 44:30
A Roof is Needed.. @ 50:21


                  28 May 2017 Dhamma on Air #62: Quantum Buddhism 2
The Law of Kamma = Quantum Entanglement + Participant Observation
Lotus Offering 4 @ 9:59
Peradeniya University Philosophy Lecture @ 14.21
Participant Observation @ 24:40
Quantum Entanglement = Kammic Law @ 35:24
The Participatory Principle @ 52:21


                  21 May 2017 Dhamma on Air #61: Quantum Buddhism 1
The Double Slit Experiment and Wave-Particle Duality
                 15 May 2017 Dhamma on Air #60: Relativity = Relational Reality
Space-time is a Conditional Relation Relative to, and thus dependent upon the Observer!
There is no "Same Time". Lengths can Contract! Time can Dilate!
Albert Einstein's Relativity corresponds to Early Buddhism's Conditional Relation...

               23 April 2017 Dhamma on Air #59: The Baited Hook
Simile of the Fisherman's Hook: @ 6:02
Question 185: What is the Hadaya Vatthu? @ 14:55
Question 186: Are there any other "Vatthus"? @ 17:07
Question 187: If kamma decides everything, then man has no free will? @ 19:53
Kamma-Story: The 7 monks, who were trapped inside a cave @ 29:08


                16 April 2017 Dhamma on Air #58: Viking Dhamma 101A
Introduction to Buddhism delivered to a major management consultancy company
in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2017.


         12 February 2017 Dhamma on Air #57: Parent's Praise ..
The 10 Questions to the Boy @ 5:32
Question 183: I hate my parents. Is my metta towards them not false then? @ 16:14
Question 184: How to cope with painful self-realizations? @ 30:15

Kamma Story: Sopaka Thera
           5 February 2017 Dhamma on Air #56: The Kammic Echo Valley
Simile of the Sappy Tree @ 3:12
Question 180: Can one go back in time? Implications on Kamma? @ 11:07
Question 181: Why is evil Kamma erased, if forgiven? @ 15:42
Question 182: When were the 3 last Buddhas born compared to the dinosaur era?
Kamma Story: Dabba-Mallaputta Thera's false accusation bounces back! @ 36:48

           29 January 2017 Dhamma on Air #55: The Participatory Anthropic Principle
Lotus-offering-4 @ 3:55
Simile of the Cow's Hide @ 12:04
Question 177: Are the Devas interested in humans? @ 29:39
Question 178: What is causing unusually repulsive invasive & unintentional thoughts? Mara? @ 39:27
Question 179: Was the Buddha silent, when asked about the existence of a Creator God? @ 49:50
The Participatory Anthropic Principle @ 59:29


           22 January 2017 Dhamma on Air #54: The 2 Oxen
Simile of the two Oxen: @ 3:23
Question 174: Should one make Paritta or Pali chanting a daily Sonic Dhamma practice? @ 08:07
Question 175: @ 15:28
A: If a Buddhist monk or nun gives up the monastic life, are they then destined for downfall?
B: If a monk disrobes because of a person, what is the kammic effects for that person?
Question 176: In which realm is the next Buddha Metteyya (Maitreya) Bodhisatta located currently? @ 24:15
Kamma Story: Kammic Merit results of Offering Lamps: @ 33:47


           15 January 2017 Dhamma on Air #53: Anapana-Sati Breathing Meditation
The 3rd Lotus-Offering to the Lord Buddha's Tooth Relic, Kandy, Sri Lanka @ 2:57
Question 173: Please make an instruction video on Anapana-Sati breathing meditation. @ 14:12

           8 January 2017 Dhamma on Air #52: Desire Fire
Simile of the Conscious Fire @ 2:51
Question 171: Did the Buddha also struggle with sense-desire until gaining
Jhāna? @ 24:07
Question 172: What does it signify, when seeing colours/patterns during meditation? @ 31:07
Kamma-Report: The late-born Arahant Sivali Thera- Foremost of Receivers @ 37:47
  31 December 2016 Dhamma on Air #51: The 6 Animals
Simile of the 6 animals @ 7:08
Question 168: What is the Alaya Consciousness in regard to mind? @ 18:55
Question 169: Does a Stream-Entrant struggle with porn, masturbation, anger, & sadness? @ 34:43
Question 170: Are there sure signs on the 1st Jhana absorption during meditation? @ 44:10
Kamma-Story: Ekadhammasavaniya Thera: Merits of listening to Dhamma: @ 58:46


   25 December 2016 Dhamma on Air #50: What is Sexual Abuse?
Simile of the The Greedy Cow, and the Split Lute @ 6:12
Question 166: What is Buddha's take on sexual misconduct? @ 15:41
A: Are different forms of sexuality existing today sexual misconduct, and result of one's own past karma? B: How about people, who are born as eunuchs?
Question 167: A: What is the structure of our earth from the outer layer to the core? @ 39:46
B: Are there beings who live inside of these layers?
Question 168: The Egyptian pyramids.  What message did they leave us? @ 44:56
3 Good Kamma-Stories: @ 49:47
   18 December 2016 Dhamma on Air #49: Who ordered this?
Simile of the 6-Gated City: @ 4:09
Question 162: Who decides the duties of Devas, eg. King Yama & his hell attendants? Their kamma?
Question 163: My mother supports a relative, who hurts her verbally. What should she do? @ 21:42
Question 164: US election from Buddhist perspective? What praxis cures fear & anxiety? @ 30:31
Question 165: How can you combat Chronic Fatigue syndrome in a Buddhist way @ 45:43



   11 December 2016 Dhamma on Air #48: Nibbana Sweep
Simile of the River: Swept Away @ 6:03
The Connected Discourses of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikaya 22:93: The river
Question 159: Is it stealing to watch movies and listen to music on YouTube? @ 15:23
Question 159: Is it true that the Mind doesn't die? Does the Mind stop at Parinibbana? @ 19:23
Question 160: How can we understand Suffering in terms of Dhamma-opportunity? @ 41:45
Question 161: What is the kammic effect of sensual pleasures like masturbation? @ 49:04


   4 December 2016 Dhamma on Air #47: The Existential Foam
Simile of the Empty Foam: @ 5:19
The Connected Discourses of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikaya 22: 95: Phena Sutta
Question 154: How can one be sure about what is the true in any religion? @ 22:45
Question 156: What is the Abhidhamma in early Buddhism? @ 31:31
Question 157: What is the definition of mind? What is "ending the chain reaction"? @ 38:59
Question 158: What is the difference between craving and clinging? @ 46:57


   27 November 2016 Dhamma on Air #46: The Buddha's stance on Suicide
Question 151: Which future rebirth-destinies are possible for one, who commits suicide? @ 4:18
Question 152: Does a person, who commits suicide, break the first precept: No killing? @ 6:10
Question 153: What did the Buddha say on his views, and knowledge about suicide? @ 9:04


   20 November 2016 Dhamma on Air #45: Turtles all the Way Down...
Simile of the Vipers from Samyutta Nikaya 35.238 @ 5:32
Question 147: How to control disadvantageous thoughts according to Buddhism? @ 18:39
Question 148: Is chosing to watch a TV-show instead of Dhamma disadvantageous? @ 32:04
Question 149: How does the Buddhas, & the Bodhisattas (=Buddhas-to-be) emerge? @ 38:31
Question 150: What is the meaning of "to make more of some, than is actually there"? @ 1:00:20
    7 November 2016 Dhamma on Air #44: Kathina Robe Offering
The Kathina Robe Offering after the Rains Retreat (vassa) @ 3:16
Question 143: How was Buddha Kassapa 10m high, & lived for 20.000 years? @ 23:19
Question 144: Should we stop using "I, me, mine" in our daily speech and thought? @ 46:16
Question 145: Is lying for the benefit of something wrong speech? @ 59:20
Question 146: What is the karmic effect of insulting, or thinking ill of the Lord Buddha? @ 1:01:57


    6 November 2016 Dhamma on Air #43: How to Cure Depression?
Question 142: What is causing, and how to cure depression? @ 3:26
  30 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #42: The Lost Traveller
Simile of the lost Traveller: @ 04:15
Question 137: How do I find Buddhism in the next life, if at all? @ 13:05
Question 138: Can the merit gained in this life might be wiped out at rebirth? @ 19:07
Question 139: How to understand the Syrian War from a Buddhist perspective? @ 26:44
Question 140: What are the karmic effects of watching TV shows? @ 38:39
Question 141: When one experiences no-self, who or what experiences this? @ 48:03
   23 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #41: The Raft and Sirima
Question 133: Why did the Buddha said one finally should let go of the Dhamma?
Question 134: Is it right livelihood for a Buddhist to trade on the stock market?
Question 134: What is and how does hatred, ill will, anger, aversion, dislike, & jealousy arise?
Question 135: Please do a Dhamma talk on Devas in early Buddhism.
Question 136: What does it signify, when coming to Buddhism, while young or old?


   16 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #40: The Way of the Elders
Question 128: Can one attain enlightenment, while living with a family doing a job? @ 5:46
Question 129: How to overcome Greed, lust, desire, and compulsive obsession? @ 19:07
Question 130: What about the giver, receiver, gift, & giving-mode influences the merit? @ 30:13
Question 131: What is Theravada Buddhism? @ 39:35
Question 132: Is Kamma (karma) the same as Destiny? @ 42:42
    9 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #39: Dhamma Reunion
Question 123: What did the Buddha say about Human-Deva interaction? 4.16
Question 124: What is a sign
(nimitta)? 22.22
Question 125: Which 5 conditions define the kamma of killing? 35.02
Question 126: Did the Buddha ever advise a householder not to go forth? 38.07
Question 127: What can be done for meeting the Dhamma in the next life? 47.37


    2 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #38: Stream-Winning Merit
Question 120: A: Can a stream-entrant fall back to a lower state?
B: Which mental defilements have a stream-entrants eradicated?
Question 121: How can one combat Mara, evil anger, and ill-will?
Question 122: How to generate higher merit?


25 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #37: The 24 Conditional Relations
Question 119: What are the 24 Conditional Relations?
Are they a part of Dependent Co-Origination
(pattica samupada)?
18 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #36: The 31 Levels of Existence
Question 115: Venerable Monk are astrology & horoscopes useless, & detrimental karmically?
Question 116: Venerable are Devas the same as 'gods'. What is the right translation for 'Deva'?
Question 117: If having offered sugar to a Buddha Puja, can one the use it oneself thereafter?
Question 118: Is ploughing worms and drinking water with micro organisms in it active killing?


10 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #35: The Way beyond Kamma
Question 110: Is desire for an object caused by past kamma, or due present mental defilements?
Question 111: Can past kamma stop the doing of good deeds? Is this why some cannot meditate?
Question 112: Is there any purpose in dedicating merit to the dead and departed?
Question 113: Is there a path we can follow to reduce our bad karma from past lives?
Question 114: How does past life kamma contribute to decide the events of our lives?
Does Karma decide the majority of things in our lives?


4 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #34: Solitude versus Superstition
Question 105: Did the Buddha ever mention the Earth as a globe, or as a flat surface?
Question 106: Those who chant "Namyo Ho Renge Kyo" are they true Buddhist?
Question 107: What ARE we apart from form, feeling, perception, construction & consciousness?
Question 108: Can Mara invade your dreams?
Question 109: How to deal with a cheater?


27 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #33: Emergence from Emptiness..
Question 100: What praxis leads to the experience of Emptiness (suññata)?
Question 101: How does Consciousness
(viññana) produce Form/Matter (rupa)?
Question 102: Is it true that meditation helps improving our past bad karma?
Question 103: What to do to minimize craving, greed, lust, and desire?
Question 104: Are there good and bad desires?
21 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #32: The 7 Sets
Q95: Venerable Sir, for the benefit of Devas and Humans, please can you talk about the
37 wings to Awakening, and the benefits they give any one, who cultivates them?
Q96: In Asia there is a "hungry ghost festival" on the 7th lunar month where one of filial piety
to help one's deceased mother and father offer food to the Sangha, so if they has been reborn
in hungry ghost Peta realm would have a better rebirth next time. It that in accordance with
the Dhamma, or is it blind superstition?
Q97: Is working at cafe that stocks meat products wrong livelihood?
Q98: Where does the visual consciousness arise: In the cornea, lens or retina?
Q99: If unaware of their ego would they then not pay attention to others?
Or is this ignorance?

14 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #31: Distraction & Disillusion
a: Is practicing martial arts yourself breaking the first precept not to kill?
b: What about martial arts teachers showing others how to harm?
a: Is there a difference in generosity when giving from oneself (donations, etc..)
or when someone asks for money? Difference is the sense of merit, or other...
b: What about loaning money? Generally it seems and uncomfortable when
the loaner cannot later pay back. Please share your thoughts on this.
Q92: When a lay person is seriously following the Noble Eight Fold Path,
a) Does his inclination or appetite for worldly targets or achievements gradually decrease?
b) If yes how does he find motivation to remain engaged in his job related matters,
most of which nowadays are driven by craving to achieve more and more worldly gains.
c) When one is progressing on the spiritual path one is getting enough fulfillment
which is more refined in nature and is therefore losing motivation for worldly things
which now is understood as irrelevant for that person. Is it so?
Q93: How to overcome mental distractions and thought noise?
Q94: Why each Buddha has to rediscover the path of enlightenment every time
and why can't the predecessor Buddha give his knowledge to successor Buddha?

7 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #30: Right Speech & Stream Entry
Q85: Venerable Sir, whenever I go I always hear rude and offensive language, at home, at school, at the mall. Unfortunately this rude and offensive language hangs on in my mind, and then my mind feels very dirty, bad, evil, and weak. How not to think in offensive language although I do not say it verbally?
Q86: I have read that Venerable Monks and Nuns are not allowed to use or accept money, since that is against the monastic discipline they obey. Please clarify this issue.
Q87: What about when the Buddha foretold about King Pasenadis dreams is that being a "fortune-teller" or dependent upon "astrology" Is that right livelihood for a monastic?
Q88: I remembered that I forgot to pay $5 for locker hire at a previous high school.I emailed the high school to pay back the $5 I promised to pay at the time.  They said "Thanks very much but you don’t need to pay." Venerable Monk, would you call this situation a act of stealing?
Q89: How to advert one's attention to the non-local aspect of individual consciousness?
          31 July 2016 Dhamma on Air #29: Escaping the Mirror-House
Q80: I am extremely nervous when I have to talk in front of an audience.
Is that a defilement? How can i work through it?
Q81: Isn't the highest giving, giving of the Dhamma... ?
Q82: What are the karmic consequence of arguing and back-biting with one's parents?
Q83: I have a friend who isn't Buddhist. She is not a good friend in terms of morality, she drinks, she watches bad movies etc. However, despite of these weaknesses, she did do good things to me like being with me at tough times, giving me gifts. She is most of the time a nuisance and is very rude to me at times. Should I end this friendship with her?
Q84: I've seen people in social media spreading bad views on Buddhism. I have tried my best to correct them however, they do not seem to understand their mistakes. Should I continue despite of their negative comments?

              24 July 2016 Dhamma on Air #28: Solar n Zen
Q65: Why are only males able to become SammasamBuddhas?
Q66: What is the difference between Theravada Buddhism and Zen Buddhism?
Q77: Is active death-help a heinous crime for the relative, or the hospital-worker?
Q78: Are relics, churches, statues, etc. and other religious symbols essential?
Does a formless form of being exist?
Q79: If a person, impelled by karmic effects of the past, does something wrong to another person, will a new karma be created or will it stop there?
              10 July 2016 Thus Have I Heard: The life-story of the Buddha part 1A + 2B https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNHhSah28Co
                3 July 2016 Dhamma on Air #27: The Space-Time Onion
Q59: What did the Buddha say on the conception of tie and spaces?
Q60: I have noticed that in the Mahayana tradition that there are various names for the Buddha e.g. Q61: Amitabha. Are these 'Mahayana types of Buddhas' are genuine or created fictionally?
Is it possible to achieve Arahata status meditating lovingkindness or are other meditation techniques necessary?
              16 June 2016 Dhamma on Air #26: The 40 Classic Meditations
Q54How to know which of the 40 meditation objects is the most suited for me?
Q55: Sometimes  I feeel that i attain stream entry, but later I loose the stream entry mind state?
Q56: Please tell us the 16 Knowledges of a
Sotāpanna for the benefit of those who inspire to be one. How do you term a junior
Q57: What one can do with regard to relatives who are not trying to practice Buddhism as to avoid conflict or feeling discouraged, wanting approval and so on?
Q58: As a layperson, are there specific things we can do to cultivate Right Livelihood?
              18 June 2016 Dhamma on Air #25: The 10 indeterminable qs
Q52: What is and what did why Buddha refused to answer to the 10 unanswered qs.
Q53: What constitutes good intention?
              12 June 2016 Dhamma on Air #24: Genesis and Cosmology
Q47: Has Lord Buddha ever said studying Universes, Stars and Galaxies is a useless thing?
Q48: Has Lord Buddha ever said starting of Mankind happened from the evolution of Apes?
Q49: How did the planet Earth and mankind emerge according to Lord Buddha?
Q50: How does the End of the world and universe happen according to Lord Buddha?
Q51: Please explain the universal cosmol