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12 Day Buddhist Meditation Retreat December 2018:

Arrival: December 20th 2018. Ending: January 1st 2019

Detailed Program:

Price: $1080 for accommodation.
Voluntary Dāna Donation to Teacher
Location: Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center
Register here:

Address: 159 Osceola Rd., Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739, USA.
Contact: Retreat Manager [email protected] 828-356-5568
Single rooms assigned on availability and "first registered" basis.

There are limited number of monastic and work-study scholarships available.
: [email protected]

About this Buddhist Teacher:

Ven. Samāhita Thero has lived alone for the last 16 years remotely on Knuckles Mountain in a Bhāvanā-Kuti:
Cypress Hermitage 56 km from Kandy from where he runs the website: http://What-Buddha-Said.net
and numerous Buddhist internet,
YouTube, and Facebook groups w. >100.000 international members.
His email is:
[email protected]

Ven. Samāhita Thero (born 1960) was educated as a Medical Doctor at the Copenhagen University in Denmark, and became Associate Professor in Bioinformatics at the Technical University in Denmark, working with theoretical biology, and artificial intelligence. Cooperating with grandchildren of Danish Physicist Niels Bohr (Noble Prize 1922) stimulated a long cherished interest in Quantum Physics, and Einsteinian Relativity.
He arrived in 
Sri Lanka 2001, was ordained as novice at Maharagama Bhikkhu Training Center in 2002 by the late Ven. Madihe Pa˝˝asiha Mahanayaka Thera and fully ordained as Bhikkhu the same place in 2003 by Ven. Đāna Ratana Mahanayaka Thera. As a monk of the Theravada Ara˝˝avasin Forest Tradition, then he meditates mostly alone in a remote mountain forest hermitage in Bambarella, near Hulu Ganga, Panwila ~ 56 km from Kandy. 
His main philosophical interest is the convergence and congruence of ideas within Early Buddhism, Orthodox Quantum Physics, Einsteinian Relativity, Information Theory, and Thermodynamics.

His YouTube Channel with Guided Meditations

His SoundCloud site with Dhamma Audio talks is:

A recent work on Buddhism and Quantum Mechanics is:
How Real is Reality?